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About the Choose College Educational Foundation™

Founded in 2005, Choose College Educational Foundation, Inc. (Choose College) promotes the benefits for pursuing higher education beyond high school. Our motto, Choose College: Not Just 4 Years, Choose College 4 Life speaks to the belief that education doesn’t end in high school rather it is a lifelong journey for all. We believe that all students have the ability to academically succeed and pursue post secondary education if provided with resources, information, guidance, and support. To that end, Choose College services include youth and family programming, a public awareness campaign, and college going resources and materials.  Continue reading about our Mission...

Events and Services

Choose College 4 LifeChoose College™ hosts major college awareness and motivational events for the public including the Back-to-School Bash co-sponsored by Barnes and Nobles Bookstores, Starbucks, and R.T. Fisher Educational Enterprises, Inc.™ This event  co-hosted by KMEL Radio Station personalities and Pam Cook, KTVU Channel 2 News Correspondent featured college-going information and resources, academic games, school supplies, parent and student workshops, and the SAT 101 Book Club, a  program designed to increase student vocabulary, language and reading comprehension skills. 

For over six years, Choose College™ has provided college going information, resources, workshops, and assemblies to schools, churches, youth organizations, families and communities. Choose College™ will continue to support college going efforts for many years to come.


The SuperSATurday SAT Awareness and Prep program is a multi-media outreach campaign targeting first-generation college bound students and families. The program’s purpose is to inform students and the community of the importance of college entrance exams and provide them with preparation resources, strategies, and workshops. The program provides direct outreach and information assemblies at local high schools and community events, a one-day SAT Rally and College Resource Fair for families, informational workshops for parents, test preparation courses for students, and sponsorship of test fees for qualifying students.

The Choose College™ 3rd Annual SuperSATurday College Rally and Resource Fair will take place on April 19th, 2014 at Chabot College in Hayward, CA. This event is designed to increase community and public awareness to the dismal college entrance test participation and success rates of academically disadvantaged youth in urban environments. The program provides participants with information, resources, and support to prepare for college entrance exams as well as to seek a college education. The event features celebrity appearances and entertainment, college and financial aid representatives, academic and test prep resources, informational workshops, and educational games and contests. Read more about SuperSATurday...

My Brother's Keeper™ (MBK™)

MBK™ Logo Choose College™ is the home of the My Brother’s Keeper Project™ (MBK™), an initiative aimed at increasing the academic success, high school graduation, and college-going and graduation rates of African American males. MBK™ features a network of families, educators, and organizations that provide support and services to program participants and their families. MBK™ provides educational information, resources, referrals, advising, and motivational events and services.

In addition, the MBK™ project is part of a larger collaborative focused on African American males called the College Bound Brotherhood sponsored by Mitchell Kapor Foundation.  Continue on to the main MBK™ program page...

Words from the Director

Monique AugustMonique August, Executive Director: "Welcome to the Choose College Educational Foundation™'s home page. As the Executive Director of CCEF™, it is my job to work myself out of a job. To that end, CCEF™ wishes to make college a reality in all communities, schools and households. We want the "You can go to college" message to be broadcasted throughout communities on billboards, TV, radio, and the web."  Continue reading...

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520 3rd Street, Suite 109
Oakland, CA 94607

Ph. (510) 614-3000

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